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About Us


About Us

Cambridge English Academy Pte Ltd is member of the Heartpower group 

The motto “English, Learn it. Teach it."” governs the essence of what we do.

Cambridge English Academy is one of only two registered CELTA centres with the University of Cambridge, in Singapore.

We train people how to teach English so we know how to teach English.

We are the professional partners for the new PTE academic language test in Singapore. We work with the most recognised institutions in the field of English teacher training. Our working partners are University of Cambridge (CELTA), International House (Certificate IV in TESOL) and Pearson Test of English. 

Our Team

M Jafari

M. Jafari

Director of Cambridge English Academy Pte Ltd

      email   jafari@heartpower.com.sg       contact number     65362193

I am often described as a food lover and while that is a fitting description, my passion lies in realizing my hope of a compassionate world.

My wife Hanesa is my purpose and guide in whatever I do and I am grateful for her unwavering support as I continue to help make the world a better place in every way that I can.

My friends say I am a "foodie" and they are right. You can find me at Geylang markets, hunting for the best biriyani or my mum's kitchen in Perth.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to email me or keep your eye out on the Heartpower blog. I am responsiblle for Heartpower TESOL and would love to meet you.



Director of Cambridge English Academy Pte Ltd 

  email   sallez@heartpower.com.sg   contact number        65362193        


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Office Manager of Cambridge English Academy Pte Ltd 

      email   admin@heartpower.com.sg       contact number        65362193        
Our Trainers
All trainers are chosen based on their attitude to life and dedication to the sharing of knowledge. Meet our trainers!
AliciaAfter deciding I had enough of corporate life, I went back to University to pursue my twin loves – English and Literature. I did not set out to become a teacher but after completing my Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature, naturally gravitated towards teaching English as I was keen to share and nurture my love of the language with others. I love that teaching allows me to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds…there is never a dull moment! It’s been a joyful and rewarding journey so far and I consider it a wonderful privilege to be part of a vocation that makes a difference.
AngeliqueHello! I am Angelique. I was born and raised in Ireland. When one day , I met a Frenchman that swept me off my feet. After that I spent quite a long time living and working in France. Then our family moved to the Czech Republic for two years where I had a wonderful opportunity to discover a new country , a new culture , and a new language. Needless to say I love travelling ,and discovering new cultures. Every time I travel with my family to a new country , we love to sample the food and learn about their traditions. I really love Asia and its become my second home for now. I also love cooking some French traditional dishes for my family and my friends when I have the time. I love teaching the English language and I feel very privileged to be able to do so in Singapore. I get to meet some really wonderful and interesting people from all over Asia and the world. I am looking forward to meeting you very soon!
Anna BednarekHi there, How should I introduce myself? I guess the best way would be to say that I LOVE ENGLISH. I'm passionate about it and I've been this way since I could remember. My favourite aspect of this language to teach is grammar, of course. :) I know that many of us hate it, right? What about having fun while studying it? Join my classes and find out that ENGLISH IS GREAT AND FUN! “Find your passion in life & pursuit relentlessly.”
AnyaHi! My name is Ania . After completing my degree, I worked as a teacher for four years in my mother country. In 2010, in search of new adventure and experience, I decided to move to the UK and later, in 2011, to Singapore. I took a short break from my teaching career in order to get new experience in other fields but now I’m back to teaching and I’m really happy about it as I really missed it. I love that teaching allows me to meet and, most importantly, help people from all over the world and I love the fact that I can learn about different cultures. When I’m not teaching, you can probably find me walking on the beach as I really love the sea and the sun and I always enjoy being close to the nature. I love animals, especially horses – horseback riding has been my favorite pastime since I was a child. I’m also very passionate about literature, independent rock music and contemporary film. I believe that people cross each other’s paths for a reason – I hope to meet you one day to help you with your English!
BernardCELTA Trainer
Brenda你好! My name is Brenda, I am a certified language teacher from China, I've been teaching Mandarin on and off for nearly 10 years. I love great food, my favorite is Sichuan spicy hot pot (the extremely spicy kind), my favorite drink is French rose wine. I love music too, my new love is Imagine Dragon, but I shall never betray Depeche Mode. Above all, the most interesting thing for me is to help my students learning Mandarin. It is really fun to chat with my students, in laughter and in Mandarin, of course. I look forward to seeing you in my class!
BrooksComing Soon
Hazel WestneyHazel Westney. I am happy to introduce myself to you. I am a native English speaker, born and raised in New York. I have also lived in California and in the Middle East.
Sook MunHello! I’m Sook Mun. I was born and raised in Malaysia till my mid-teens when my family moved to Australia. After university, I started to build a career in research there but I always felt myself being drawn back to Asia.
Our Examinations Board
Peter DanielI have been teaching English for the past 20 years at government and private schools in Singapore. I have also been teaching English to ESL students from countries such as China, Indonesia, Russia and Vietnam. In 2009, I worked with a group of high-ranking Vietnamese officials, developing a curriculum with the goal of improving their English communication skills within a short period of 10 weeks. In addition to teaching, I organised holiday study tours, where the emphasis is on having fun while learning.